Tuesday, October 12, 2010

perLu ke??

tiba2 je dpt msg dr my x-bf pg2 buta..da ke pt0t dia tnya "am i a bad pers0n?"..perlu ke dia tnya cm2 kt bks gf yg dia dh curang..after 6 years we've been t0gether and then i f0und 0ut him cheating 0n me wit sme1 dat he just knew f0r n0t m0re than 3 m0nth..dat is his questi0n 2 me..ummm..i d0nt think he sh0uld ask me dat questi0n..

he's n0t bad..but n0w he's changing 2 sme1 else..i d0nt kn0w y..he's n0t the same pers0n i used 2 l0ve b4..F dat i l0ve is sme1 dat is sweet, pr0tective & l0ving..but n0w he change 2 sme1 heartless & mean..

he wants me 2 help him..c0z he cant stand 0f what he is changing..c0z n0w he d0esnt kn0w wh0 is he..i really want 2 d0 dat..2 help him..but im n0t his gf n0t a part 0f his life..he g0t sme1 else..maybe much better than me..i think s0..if n0t y he cheated 0n s0rry..i knew u well..very well..but i cant change u back..c0z im n0t the girl dat u in l0ve wit..u need her..n0t me..

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