Tuesday, November 30, 2010

30 n0vember 2010..

pg td bru je abis xm statistik..pheww..lega rsa..xyah ssah2 lg nk hfal f0rmula2 yg mmeningkn kpala wlaupn td byk s0klan yg x dpt jwb..but thanks a l0t 2 my "t0k guru" niena and my friend timah, fishah, sarah & zah..thanks sbb sudi bg tumpang umah..nie dh msuk ari ke 4 td0 cni..hehe..s0 skang tggl lg 2 paper..s0k financial acc0unting & the next day pmbgnn usahawan..

skang nie suma kt umah nie dh jd gila..gila tgk akaun..kjap2 nyanyi..kjap2 brg0sip..stdy sket je..tensi0n je lbih..but its fun..nnt cti sbulan msti rndu kt suma..x sbar rsanya nk blk umah..cpat2 la abis exam..dh pnat dh nie..

alang2 tgh rjin update bl0g nie,nk gak pr0m0te s0rg kwn nie..f0r ur inf0rmati0n i have a friend yg still single..kt0rg pggl dia timah a.k.a jL0..s0 sesapa yg trasa brminat nk brknalan bley la gtau ye..cik timah nie sgt2 la baik & pmalu 0rg dia..x pnah da bf and she is educated..bkal jd cgu nie..cal0n2 yg dcari baik, pmalu, x byk cakap and educated..muka biar la sdp dpndang..hehe..nie pic timah..

p/s : timah..jgn marah aku tau..aku tlg pr0m0te je..fishah yg salah..dia yg s0h aku wt..hehe..bkn slalu nk bg ang faymes kt bl0g aku..muahh!!l0ve u timah..=)

Saturday, November 27, 2010

playful kiss..

mlm nie trsgt la mls nk study..ingtkn lpak umah kwn bley la wt stdy group..tgk2 stdy la stdy muka buku a.k.a faceb0ok..huhu..suma asyk men k0men2 je..

ptg td asyk sgt la melayan ceta k0rea..x abs2..bla nk insaf ntah la..nsib la s0k bru ari da lg 3 pper..isnn smpai la rbu..xda gap lak 2..adeh..pengsan~

s0 sesapa yg free xtau nk wt pa 2 bley la tgk ceta k0rea gak..tjuk dia playful kiss..sgt2 sweet..bley la berangan jap utk ilangkn tensi0n sbb xleh jwn s0klan bsnes law td..hehe..kal0 nk tgk bley la klik kt link kt bwh nie..

Playful Kiss is about a popular and genius male student named Baek Sueng-jo who has a stand-offish personality and Oh Hani who is a female student who makes up for being not-so-genius by always being smiling and happy. An earthquake destroys the girl's home and she and her dad end up living with the boy's family. The girl has kept this boy in her heart but she has never received any assurances of her love being reciprocated. Fun and groans ensue as they interact and rub off on each other.

kim hyun j0ong

jung s0 min

playful kisS

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

exAm o0hh exAm...

after 3 weeks h0liday i really l0st my m0od 2 study..1st pper dh stel..2nd will c0me..0uhh..i need m0od 2 study..where sh0uld i find dat m0od..huhu..still g0t 5 pper 2 g0..chaiy0k!!
  • human res0urce
  • bussines law
  • statistics
  • financial accounting
  • and last but n0t least is pembangunan keusahawanan

    i slept at 4am last c0z n0t..hehe..watching k0rean drama addicted 2 k0rean drama..dis time is playful kiss..ummm..i l0ve it..s0 swit..huhu..i really need 2 f0cus..but i can't..any tips??

    i've been thinking a l0t lately..but n0t f0r my statistics or financial acc0unting thinking b0ut what im g0ing 2 d0 4 my 1 m0nth h0liday..hehe..planning 2 g0 2 sabah wit my besties..but n0t en0ugh m0ney..sigh~

    mayb i need 2 d0 smething m0re cheaper than g0ing 4 vacati0n..i d0 have my list 2 d0 dis h0liday..lets check it 0ut..

    • watching m0vies wit my..(secret)hehe...

      • wind0w sh0pping..(its hard 2 d0 c0z im sh0pah0lic but i'll try)

        • kara0ke even my v0ice is n0t dat "merdu"..hihi..

        • g0ing 2 langkawi (my sis h0use..h0pe i c0uld get m0ney fr0m her) (^_^)

        • lepak2 at kgr..

          • b0wling..but ilah's treat..hehe..

          • walking ar0und denai larian wit my..(secret)

            • bbq wit frenz at bukit air..

              • g0ssip..0uhh..i l0ve it..h0t st0ries..=)

              • w0rking part time..ouhhh..i really need m0ney..

                • spending time wit my l0ve (^_^)..

                • bec0me my m0m's driver..

                  • clean my h0use..and 0f c0z i will bc0me maid f0r 1 m0nth..sigh~

                    • babysit my Aqeel Harith..

                    • i want 2 d0 everything in 1 m0nth..can i d0 dat??pheww...n0t sure..

                    anyway..rite n0w i really need 2 f0cus 0n my study..need 2 d0 l0ts 0f revision..sara, timah, fishah, zah and niena..i really need u guys rite n0w..i need ur guide..maybe i shud sleep ur h0use..yessss..i will..wait 4 c0ming!!!!

                    Monday, November 22, 2010

                    girLs Vs b0yS (pArt 2)


                    • many girls r p0ssessive b0ut their friends and bel0ngings!
                    • girls l0ve 2 g0 4 wind0w sh0pping b4 buy anything bc0z they want 2 make sure what is the best 4 them..they will check the quality and ask 4 0pini0n..but guys juz g0 2 sh0pping mall and b0ught what they want with0ut l0oking 4 an0ther ch0ice.. 

                    • Girls seem 2 depend 0n s0me1 way t0o much either em0ti0nally 0r pers0nally but at the same time they easily switch preferences..S0me1 wh0 was inevitable a c0uple 0f years back bec0mes a g0od friend t0day and a g0od contact tomorrow..At any point, a pers0n wh0 sh0ws a l0t f interest 0n her is always c0nsidered the best by a girl..

                    • Wit the brain being l0cked in an em0ti0nal trap, girls usually end up taking decisi0ns purely 0ut 0f their heart which in m0st cases will n0t be c0rrect..Ir0nically, even after realizing that they made a mistake, it is s0metime imp0ssible 4 them 2 c0rrect dat.

                    • Girls enj0y guys falling 4 them but many d0 n0t want 2 reveal dat..A beautiful girl alm0st always c0nfirms dat the guys ar0und her r interested in her thr0ugh unn0ticeable gestures..Guys h0wever str0ng juz start shaking at the sight of a beautiful girl staring at them and get caught..But a girl never reveals anything m0re than a smile at the corner of her lips... Gets hard 4 the guys 2 assess her pulse..=)

                    im n0t sure b0ut all dis..but dis is what i saw in real is my 0bservati0n..girls is c0mplicated..but 0nce u get 2 kn0w them u will l0ve 2 b ar0und them..we r unique dats y we r different fr0m b0ys..s0ft and hard 2 resist..s0 guys..u need 2 b patient..try 2 understand girl..