Tuesday, November 23, 2010

exAm o0hh exAm...

after 3 weeks h0liday i really l0st my m0od 2 study..1st pper dh stel..2nd will c0me..0uhh..i need m0od 2 study..where sh0uld i find dat m0od..huhu..still g0t 5 pper 2 g0..chaiy0k!!
  • human res0urce
  • bussines law
  • statistics
  • financial accounting
  • and last but n0t least is pembangunan keusahawanan

    i slept at 4am last c0z n0t..hehe..watching k0rean drama addicted 2 k0rean drama..dis time is playful kiss..ummm..i l0ve it..s0 swit..huhu..i really need 2 f0cus..but i can't..any tips??

    i've been thinking a l0t lately..but n0t f0r my statistics or financial acc0unting thinking b0ut what im g0ing 2 d0 4 my 1 m0nth h0liday..hehe..planning 2 g0 2 sabah wit my besties..but n0t en0ugh m0ney..sigh~

    mayb i need 2 d0 smething m0re cheaper than g0ing 4 vacati0n..i d0 have my list 2 d0 dis h0liday..lets check it 0ut..

    • watching m0vies wit my..(secret)hehe...

      • wind0w sh0pping..(its hard 2 d0 c0z im sh0pah0lic but i'll try)

        • kara0ke even my v0ice is n0t dat "merdu"..hihi..

        • g0ing 2 langkawi (my sis h0use..h0pe i c0uld get m0ney fr0m her) (^_^)

        • lepak2 at kgr..

          • b0wling..but ilah's treat..hehe..

          • walking ar0und denai larian wit my..(secret)

            • bbq wit frenz at bukit air..

              • g0ssip..0uhh..i l0ve it..h0t st0ries..=)

              • w0rking part time..ouhhh..i really need m0ney..

                • spending time wit my l0ve (^_^)..

                • bec0me my m0m's driver..

                  • clean my h0use..and 0f c0z i will bc0me maid f0r 1 m0nth..sigh~

                    • babysit my Aqeel Harith..

                    • i want 2 d0 everything in 1 m0nth..can i d0 dat??pheww...n0t sure..

                    anyway..rite n0w i really need 2 f0cus 0n my study..need 2 d0 l0ts 0f revision..sara, timah, fishah, zah and niena..i really need u guys rite n0w..i need ur guide..maybe i shud sleep ur h0use..yessss..i will..wait 4 c0ming!!!!

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