Friday, January 28, 2011

it's mid term break!!!

Im going home tomorrow. Yeay!!! We got one week to relax and enjoy every second of it. Then start a new day with lots of pressure, full off asignment, busy class and no more playing around. But now i just want to start packing my things and tomorrow will be a long drive.

Can't wait to meet my mom, my Aqeel, my sis, nieces and my special one, Mr Bam2..hehe.. Miss them a lot. I already plan what im going to do with them. Have fun during your holiday. Enjoy it!!

p/s : i felt like i want to take my car keys and drive to Perlis now.. (^_^)V

Thursday, January 27, 2011

the girl's rules~

If you are going to have a GIRLFRIEND, or trying to have one, or maybe already have one, you've got to know this. It's important to you guys to get to know girls better.

1. The Girls always makes THE RULES.

2. THE RULES are subject to change without notice.

3. No Boys can possibly know all THE RULES.

4. If the Girls suspects the boy knows all THE RULES, she must immediately change some of THE RULES.

5. The Girls is never wrong.

6. If it appears the girls are wrong, it is because of a flagrant misunderstanding caused by something that the Boys did or said wrong.

7. If Rule #6 applies, the Boys must apologize immediately for causing the misunderstanding.

8.The Girls can change her mind at any time.

9. The Girls has every right to be angry or upset at any time.

10. The Boys must remain calm at all times, unless the Girls wants him to be angry or upset.

11. The Girls must, under no circumstances, let the Boys know whether she wants him to be angry or upset.

12. The Boys is expected to read the mind of the Girls at all times.

13. At all times, what is important is what the Girls meant, not what she said.

14. If the Boys doesn't abide by THE RULES, it is because he can't take the heat, lacks backbone, and is a wimp.

15. If the Girls has PMS, all THE RULES are null and void and the Boys must cater to her every whim.

16. If the Boys, at any time, believes he is right, he must refer to Rule #5.

p/s : Mr.bam2..plis dun get angry k..hehe..u already know me better..and u know the rules..lurve ya..(♥_♥)V

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

natuRaL wAy t0 get beauTifuL eyEs.

i have a few tips to share with you on how to reduce dark circle and refresh your tired eyes.

  • Have a good night sleep and give enough rest to your eyes.

  • Refresh your eyes by splashing cold water on it.

  • Since eyes are very sensitive, buy good quality cosmetics. Never lend or use others eyeliner, eyebrow pencil, mascara or eye shadow.

  • To soothe your tired eyes place cucumber slices on eye lids at least for ten minutes.

  • Wear a good quality sunglasses which protect your eyes from UV rays while going out in the sun.

  • Have a good  diet consisting of fruits and vegetables. Red, orange, yellow and dark green vegetables, fruits and greens are very good for the eyes. Drink plenty of water.

  • Soak two spoon in cold water for a few minutes and put it on your both eyes. It refresh your tired eyes.

  • Slice one small piece off of a potato, and cut the slice in half. Put each slice under your eyes and leave them under your eyes for 20 minutes.

  • Soak cotton wool in chilled water keep it on your eyes for 5 minutes. This will refresh your eyes.

  • Rub your palms together and cover your eyes with palms to relax then.

  • For wrinkles or fine lines around the eyes, apply egg white, leave it till it dries and wash it off with cold water. 

  • For dark circles or bags under your eyes you can place slightly warm tea bags over your eyes, leave on for 10-15 minutes.

p/s : i 0nly do dis when im at h0me..depend on my mood...=)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

its h0liday~

its h0liday bc0z 0f thaipusam..its n0t like im g0ing 2 celebrate it but still l0ve it c0z i can wake up very late..i d0 wake up late t0day..i slept at 4am last nite..watching m0vies after dinner at Jari Cafe..they d0nt have any main c0urse with 'jari' in n0t sure why they put dat name..but im pretty sure dat they didnt put any 'jari' or finger in any 0f the f0od dat we 0rdered last finger and its delici0us..

i l0ve h0liday..n0 disturbance by my alarm 0r ph0ne calls..n0 need t0 rush 0ver t0 bathr0om..n0 need t0 run 2 catch my bus..and i d0nt even have 2 take a sh0wer 4 the wh0le day..wait2..i d0 take a sh0wer..

im supp0sed 2 r0lling 0n my bed rite n0w watching m0vies 0r play s0me games..0r i can juz b 0ne 0f d g0ssip girl in my h0use..but then, i g0t a msg..fr0m my dear friend..dat msg change my wh0le plan 0n h0w t0 enj0y my h0liday..i g0t discussi0n 4 my edu ruin my day..n0w i have 2 prepare and br0wse f0r inf0rmati0n in the internet..

i g0t t0 g0 n0w..need 2 get will take a while..s0, have fun..nj0y ur h0liday!!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

my nEw shAwL..

even wit my busyness and having a bad m0nday,i still have 2 update my bl0g..c0z i need 2 sh0w my bf my new shawl dat i b0ught yesterday..he has 2 see dis c0z he gave me d m0ney 2 buy all dis shawl..i really appreciate dat a l0t..thanks abg..thanks a l0t..lve u s0 much..(^_^)

senyum x bpa ikhlas..

senyum ter'0ver'..hehe..

huh..muka ketat..

ska yg nie sbb wrna wrni..

nie cam kain serban..sbnrnya nk bli kaler abes lak..

l0ve all 0f dis shawl..but still d0nt kn0w when im g0ing 2 wear them..i juz l0ve 2 keep them as my c0llecti0n..

p/s : p0se nie suma sma sbb tngkap sndri..hehe..tme nie suma bz try shawl bru..pic nie hnya utk tatapan smata2..bkn utk tjuan jualan..harap maklum~

bAd dAy..(@_@)

its i always said, i hate m0nday..and again i had a bad day 0n m0nday..why it have 2 b me??lets start the st0ry..

pg yg indah..indah ke??smlm ingt nk td0 awl sket tp last2 lwat gak..nie gara2 my bf yg msg pas dia blk tgk b0la..mlayan dia msg smpai pkul pg nie awl gak la bgn..siap smpat bncuh mil0 lg..

dsbbkn arini ari isnn,bjet nk g klas naik keta..sbb klas pdat..mlas nk naik bas..7.50 bru la trun..smpai je kt keta tgk2 tyar keta flat..adesss~time nie trasa nk sepak2 je keta tp nnt kki nie gak yg skit kn..s0 if i d0 dat, it 0nly cause me pain..s0 i decided t0 leave it..

jd trpaksa la brlari2 bapak nk g kt kwn2 yg stia mnanti dpn surau (kal0 brlari2 anak lmbt sgt)..el0k kt0rg smpai kt f0yer nk naik bas, tgk2 bas dh jln..trpksa naik bas yg kt blkg..

kt0rg dh la da kuiz mate pg nie..bas lak xkn jln slagi x pdat cm sardin..mnyampah btul..lps 20 mnit bru bas grak..bla smpai je klas, lectrer dh trcegat dpn klas..alamak..abis la..kt0rang lwn t0lak nk msuk..suma tkut..bla msuk je tr0s kna s0und "kn sy dh psan, naik bas pkul 7.30"..blum smpat kt0rg ckp pa2..dia kta lg " xnak dgr alasan kmu..ambk s0klan"..

tgk je s0klan mate 0tak dh blank..ttba rumus dlm kpala mnghilang satu prsatu..adehh..cmna nie..x smpat nk tarik nfas lg..msa tnggl 30 mnit..psni da klas lak..kt0rg wt gak yg trbaik..wlaupun byk yg tnggal..biar la..dsbbkn nk siapkn s0klan kuiz mate td, kt0rg dh lmbt 30 mnit utk next class..dh la da presentati0n..

pa la malang sgt nsib kt0rg nie..bla msuk je kna s0und.."len kli sy xkn bg awk msuk klas kal0 awk lwat lg"..bengang kt0rg wt dek je..dduk wt nk lyn lectrer brleter..bru je dduk tr0s kna pggl wt presentati0n..x smpat nk tarik nfas pn..

time present mcm2 la plak dr. nie tnya..kerek lak dia..gr0up yg sblm nie xda lak dia tnya byk lga gak la, wlaupun klam kbut, presentati0n kt0rg brjln lncar..

arini smpat lunch dgn brger je..pnya la nk cpat..da lak kwn2 laki yg perli.."ai,k bf bg duit pun mkn brger je..nper x mkn nsik??"..hehe..sbnarnya kt0rg cdang nk mkn nsik pas klas..x klam kbut last2 aku mkn megi je mlm nie..xpala..asalkn prut knyang..

s0k nekad nk bgn awl..psal tyar keta tue, dh da abg sni0r yg sudi nk tlg tkarkn dgn tyar spare..nk hrapkn aku, k0mfem x trtukar..hehe..

p/s : i need 2 say s0rry t0 timah, fishah, zah & niena...sbb aku, k0rg lmbat & kelam kabut arini...huhu..

Saturday, January 15, 2011

yeayyyy!!! JPA dh msuk...(^_^)V

bla tgk entri nie msti pelik kaitan JPA dgn bdk upsi..sbb bdk upsi mmg x dpt biasiswa JPA..kt0rg juz dpt biasiswa KPM..tue p0n kal0 cmerlang la..hehe..

mggu nie da 0pen day KHAR..mmg byk sgt2 yg jual slendang..mmg rambang mta la sgt2..tgh wind0w sh0ping tringat lak nk msg my bf..

gf : bestnya abg..kt cni da 0pen day khar...byk sgt slendang syg xde duit..huhu..
bf : yeke..xpala..s0k kal0 duit jpa abg msuk, abg bank in kt syg k..
gf : yeke??thanks abg..

wktu tue ati dh brbunga..nk arap duit pt mmg k0mfem la lmbt..bengang rsa..dh la p0kai..lunch p0n dgn megi je..bgn pg tghri nie, da la msg dr yg trsyg..dgn mta yg sparuh trbkak, reply la msg yg tersayang..

                       bf : syg..duit abg dh msuk arini..
                  gf : yeke??bestnya..duit syg x msuk lg..
                  bf : syg x kuar ke arini??arini kn weekend..
                  gf : nk kuar pa..duit p0n xde..
                  bf : nnt bg n0 akaun syg kt abg..abg bank in duit k..
                  gf : btul ke nie??
                  bf : btul syg ckp nk bli slendang..ptg 0r mlm abg bank in k..

ttba je mta yg ngant0k trasa segar tr0s..bhgianya rsa..nsib la da bf yg prihatin..dsbbkn kemurahan ati dia, duit yg dpt td bley la gna wt bli slendang..

p/s : thanks a l0t abg..but u still 0we me 1 m0vie and lunch..hehe..lve u s0 much...

Friday, January 14, 2011

duet 0hh ptptn~

saat nie suma bdk2 upsi gelisah mengenangkan balance duet kt bank yg smakin defisit..duet dijanjikn akan msuk pd 20hb..kta tggu dan lihat btul ke duet msuk 20hb..

dsbbkn duet pt x msuk..nasik brlaukkn ayam dganti dgn mi segera brperisa kari..kal0 nk sedap sket mkn la bhun pama..bskut kering mnjd pngganti pisang g0reng dkala ptg..adeh..nie la nsib bdk2 upsi dkala awl sem..sdih2..stiap ari pk kt mna nk cri duet..da yg mntak dkt mak..da yg mntak dkt ayah..da gak yg mntak dkat kkak & abg..bley skadar mntak jela..dpat blum tentu..

bihun pama + teh b0h 3 in 1

time2 tgh p0kai nie ksut lak wt hal..dh la trpaksa pkai ksut sem lpas..trk0yak lak kt dpn..kal0 ujan k0mfem st0kin la yg malang sgt nie..nk xnak trpksa la bli ksut bru..nk pkai ksut biasa tkut lak kna saman dgn pak guard..kang x psal je mlayang duit 50rnggit..baik bli ksut bru..nk cari ksut bkannya snang..kki dh la last2 jmpa gak ksut yg ssuai & murah..


dh stel bab ksut..keta lak wt hal..ntah cmna tayar lak bc0r..time2 nie la sumanya nk menghabiskan trpksa la g tampung tayar keta..sem nie mmg malang btul..tue la..kal0 tme cti brjimat msti x jd p0kai cmnie..s0 next time kna la brjimat cermat..

wlaupun xde duet tp da ati nk bli slendang kt 0pen day da ati jela..bli x jgak..sdih btul bla tgk 0rg len..sbuk2 sh0ping..kta dpt tgk je..rambang mta tgk slendang cntik2..da yg shelai 10 rggit..da yg 2 helai 15 ringgit..da gak yg shelai 20 ringgit..uwaaaa!!!! nk duet!!! sbar jela ye..slagi duet pt x msuk, jgn nk brangan nk bli apa2..(T_T)

p/s : smpai mmpi p0n psal duet..isk..kr0nik btul..(*_*)$$$$$$

i L♥ve y0u~

as we gr0w year by year t0gether,
as we c0ntinue t0 change with age,
there is 0ne thing that will never change,
i keep falling in l0ve with y0u..

i l0ve y0u,
n0t f0r what y0u are,
but f0r what i am when i am with y0u..

and i d0n't care what pe0ple say ab0ut y0u,
h0w bad y0u are, 
and h0w stupid i am f0r taking y0u back..

i kn0w what is best f0r me,
and i always kn0w what is best f0r us..

we were given tw0 hands t0 h0ld,
tw0 legs t0 walk,
tw0 eyes t0 see,
tw0 ears t0 listen,
but why 0nly 0ne heart??


the 0ther was given t0 s0me0ne else,
f0r us t0 find..

and i..

i already f0und mine,
it is with y0u..

p/s : i lve u..

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

i hAte m0ndAy!!!

dh byk ari x smpat nk meng'update' bl0g..nie suma slah jdual yg trlalu pdat..huhu..mmg sgt2 x ska sem nie..last sem nekad dh tme ssun jdual xm0 klas awl pg & klas ari jmaat..klas pg x best sbb sgt ssh nk bgn pg..adeh..statement yg kal0 dbca mmg bley jtuh saham kt makcik2 yg nk wt jd mnantu pa bley wt..dh mmg ssah nk bgn awl..ingat xm0 klas jmaat sbb weekend snang nk blk..tgk2 klas business c0mmunicati0n ari jmaat..dh la 5-->7ptg..kal0 nk blk gak kna blk pg sbtu la..

i hate m0nday!!why??hehe..nie suma sbb jdual yg sgt2 beng0ng..ntah cmna la bley jdual packed sgt ari isnin..ari isnin da 6 klas..
8-->9 (mathematic business)
9-->10 (new devel0pment business)
10-->11 (pendidikan keusahawan)
11-->1 (dasar & falsafah)
2-->4 (0rganizati0nal behavi0r)
6-->7 (business c0mmunicati0n)

p/s : cpat2 la abes sem nie..x sbar nk cti pnjang..(*_*)

Wednesday, January 05, 2011


dear bl0ggies..

yesterday is my 2nd day 4 new smester..and as usual im late again..but dis tme im n0t al0ne..rite n0w im thinking, can i change dis bad habit..ermmm..its hard..but n0thing imp0ssible, rite?

but t0day it is bad than 1st and 2nd day..wanna kn0w y?let me tell u..last nite i can't sleep..r0llling 0n d bed f0r h0urs..but still can't sleep..and dats y i w0ke up late again and again and again..but dis time, very late..s0 i decided n0t 2 g0 2 class..its n0t on purp0se..n0 is 0n purp0se bc0z i c0ntinue 2 sleep..hehe..

what can i always like dis..having tr0uble 2 wake up early bc0z all my h0usemate still sleeping wit their warm blanket on..hugging pillows..and its hard 4 me 2 let my b0b0 g0..i feel safe hugging him..

dis is mr b0b0..isn't him ad0rable..
he's my present fr0m my Bf..
he b0ught b0b0 at australia..

but n0 w0rries..tm0r0w im sure im n0t late again..c0z my class start at 12..hehe..h0pe s0..

Tuesday, January 04, 2011

exAm ResuLt..

tme rsult xm dh kuar sumanya seb0k ntar msg gtau..anyway thanx guys..kal0 k0rg x ntar msg mmg k0mpem la xtau bla rsult kuar..

bla tringatkn result xm agak kcut pr0t gak la..s0klan gla2 pnya ari2..dgn statistik lg..bsnes law p0n rsa jwb maen blasah je..suma kes yg hfal bley lak lupa bla ms0k dwn xm..huhu..sma la cm statistik..rsanya dh byk rsa cm byk la f0rmula yg bla tgk s0klan xtau lak nk gna f0rmula yg mna 1..adehh..tme nie ketuk kepala spl0h kali pn k0mpem xleh gak nk jwb..

xm kali nie mmg k0mpem x dpt dean list dlm ati mmg sgt2 arap kal0 dpt p0inter 3.00 p0n dh ckup..huhu..terasa tamak lak..wlaupun jwb x sbrapa kn.. xm rsult quite g0od..n0t as bad as i think it least it's n0t dat bad..hehe..s0 kna la brsyukur dgn pa yg dpt...kra 0k la tue..kal0 nk dkira usaha yg x sberapa nie kn..

thanks 2 all my besties..they helped me a l0t..i 0we u guys!!

s0 dis sem, i have 2 struggle fr0m d beginning..n0 m0re last minute study..hehe..i h0pe..=)

Monday, January 03, 2011

New semEsteR...

arini bgn lmbt lg..nie suma sbb cti lma sgt..asyk bgn lmbt je kt umah..dh la klas k0l 9pg..trjga lak k0l 8.30..mau x kelam kabut pg nie..nsib la bju dh ir0n..kal0 la smlm td0 awl sket cm my bf sruh, k0mpem x bgn lmbt..

dh la nk bsiap 1 hal lmbt, dh jln kuar dr umah bru lak trprasan yg kad matrik trtnggal..adeh..kang x psal2 kna tahan dgn 'abg guard'..owh..x snggup..melayang 50rggt nnti..dh la tgh p0kai..

smbil brlari2 smpat lg carik jdual..lpa lak nk tgk klas pg nie kt mna..jauh gak nk kna mnapak..mmg malang bt0l pg nie..1st klas dh dtg lmbt..bla msuk je lecturer lak perli2.. "eh, bt0l ke awk klas tk0t awk slap klas lak"..ish..x pt0t bt0l lect nie..k0mpem bt0l pnya la..sbb kt blkg dh nmpk geng d0k mlambai-lambai..dgn srabut2 g dduk kt blkg wt slumber je..

time abs klas da lak yg tegur.. "k0 nie kelam kabut je pg nie..mndi ke x nie??"..adeh..sengal bt0l mamat nie..mstila mndi..lwt cmna p0n mndi xleh tnggal taw..dh la 2 dia siap ckp lg "asyik k0 je yg lmbt dtg klas kn..sem lps pn k0 gak"..time 2 trasa malu teramat..yela..bdk laki lak yg tgur..siap kna c0p lg muka dtg lmbt..

spptutnya sem bru kna la da azam bru..smgt nmpk gayanya sma gak la..'bad habit' mmg susah nk ubah kn..klas sgt2 la pdat arini..muka tensi0n je..mna taknya, klas dr k0l 9pg smpai 7mlm..mmg brkmpung kt kampus la arini..1 ari kna mnapak 1 kmpus..naik tngga lg..

plg bengang skali bla klas k0l 6-7 btal..pnat je tggu taw..lect bkn nk gtau da klas ke x..slumber je dia x dtg..len kali inf0rm la dlu..x ksian ke kt student2 yg rajin trpaksa wt rajin cm kt0rg..hehe..

s0k klas k0l 8 pg lak..nmpk gayanya kna la td0 awl mlm nie..

nite2 every0ne..swit dream..(^_^)