Wednesday, January 05, 2011


dear bl0ggies..

yesterday is my 2nd day 4 new smester..and as usual im late again..but dis tme im n0t al0ne..rite n0w im thinking, can i change dis bad habit..ermmm..its hard..but n0thing imp0ssible, rite?

but t0day it is bad than 1st and 2nd day..wanna kn0w y?let me tell u..last nite i can't sleep..r0llling 0n d bed f0r h0urs..but still can't sleep..and dats y i w0ke up late again and again and again..but dis time, very late..s0 i decided n0t 2 g0 2 class..its n0t on purp0se..n0 is 0n purp0se bc0z i c0ntinue 2 sleep..hehe..

what can i always like dis..having tr0uble 2 wake up early bc0z all my h0usemate still sleeping wit their warm blanket on..hugging pillows..and its hard 4 me 2 let my b0b0 g0..i feel safe hugging him..

dis is mr b0b0..isn't him ad0rable..
he's my present fr0m my Bf..
he b0ught b0b0 at australia..

but n0 w0rries..tm0r0w im sure im n0t late again..c0z my class start at 12..hehe..h0pe s0..

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