Friday, January 14, 2011

i L♥ve y0u~

as we gr0w year by year t0gether,
as we c0ntinue t0 change with age,
there is 0ne thing that will never change,
i keep falling in l0ve with y0u..

i l0ve y0u,
n0t f0r what y0u are,
but f0r what i am when i am with y0u..

and i d0n't care what pe0ple say ab0ut y0u,
h0w bad y0u are, 
and h0w stupid i am f0r taking y0u back..

i kn0w what is best f0r me,
and i always kn0w what is best f0r us..

we were given tw0 hands t0 h0ld,
tw0 legs t0 walk,
tw0 eyes t0 see,
tw0 ears t0 listen,
but why 0nly 0ne heart??


the 0ther was given t0 s0me0ne else,
f0r us t0 find..

and i..

i already f0und mine,
it is with y0u..

p/s : i lve u..

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