Thursday, January 20, 2011

its h0liday~

its h0liday bc0z 0f thaipusam..its n0t like im g0ing 2 celebrate it but still l0ve it c0z i can wake up very late..i d0 wake up late t0day..i slept at 4am last nite..watching m0vies after dinner at Jari Cafe..they d0nt have any main c0urse with 'jari' in n0t sure why they put dat name..but im pretty sure dat they didnt put any 'jari' or finger in any 0f the f0od dat we 0rdered last finger and its delici0us..

i l0ve h0liday..n0 disturbance by my alarm 0r ph0ne calls..n0 need t0 rush 0ver t0 bathr0om..n0 need t0 run 2 catch my bus..and i d0nt even have 2 take a sh0wer 4 the wh0le day..wait2..i d0 take a sh0wer..

im supp0sed 2 r0lling 0n my bed rite n0w watching m0vies 0r play s0me games..0r i can juz b 0ne 0f d g0ssip girl in my h0use..but then, i g0t a msg..fr0m my dear friend..dat msg change my wh0le plan 0n h0w t0 enj0y my h0liday..i g0t discussi0n 4 my edu ruin my day..n0w i have 2 prepare and br0wse f0r inf0rmati0n in the internet..

i g0t t0 g0 n0w..need 2 get will take a while..s0, have fun..nj0y ur h0liday!!

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