Sunday, October 24, 2010

24 0kt0ber 2010..

ujan je arini..lbat lak tue..arini bley la relax sket..smlm bz je dgn pr0gram kab my h0me..x psl2 je kna jd ajk pr0t0k0l wlaupun x brpr0t0k0l mlm nie meeting lg..mlsnya..

arini 1 ari suntuk asyik ngadap lapt0p tgk ceta k0rea..PERS0NAL TASTE..mmg best sgt..sbb lee min h0 yg brlak0n..his smile w0uld melt my heart..=)

dlm ceta nie min h0 nie trsgt la sweet..but i w0nder d0 we still have guys with that attitude in this w0rld..ummm..

sme0ne wh0 w0uld buy a pad f0r his gf..sme0ne wh0 would make a mask 4 his gf..sme0ne wh0 w0uld stand by u n0 matter h0w bad the situation..sme0ne wh0 w0uld dry his gf's hair..sme0ne wh0 w0uld serve her with a warm bath with bubbles and r0se petals..i wish i c0uld i have 0ne..

im t0tally int0 u, min h0..i think im in l0ve..hehe..^_-

dis drama made me smiled all the time..i wish there r still few guys wh0 willing 2 d0 dat 2 me their gf..and i wish i could have 0ne..

u kn0w when u're in l0ve u can't fall asleep bc0z reality is finally better than y0ur dream..i guess if i get lee min h0 in dis drama..i w0n't sleep 0r feel sleepy..wink2..haha..daydreaming again..

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