Monday, October 18, 2010


Find a guy wh0 calls y0u beautiful instead of h0t,
find a guy wh0 calls y0u back when y0u hang up 0n him,
wh0 will lie under the stars and listen t0 y0ur heartbeat,
0r will stay awake just to watch y0u sleep...

wait f0r the b0y wh0 wants t0 sh0w y0u 0ff t0 the w0rld when y0u are in sweats,
wh0 h0lds y0ur hand in fr0nt 0f his friends,
wh0 thinks y0u' re pretty with0ut put 0n ur makeup,
wh0 likes t0 watch y0u even when y0u just wake up...

One wh0 is c0nstantly reminding y0u 0f h0w much he cares
and h0w lucky he is to have YOU...

The 0ne wh0 turns to his friends and says, thats her...
the girl that t00k my heart away..

Thats him..
the 0ne that y0u sh0uld trust,
the 0ne that will keep y0u safe,
in his heart..

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