Thursday, September 22, 2011

friends are forever!!

friends are forever..its all depend on you guys..friend is the nicest thing you can have and the best thing that you can there when they are happy, lend your shoulder when they cry..its easy as long as you know how to be a good friend..i love all my friend..amzar, ann, ilah, pipah, azie, patin, ema, dazita, ain, my boyfriend who always be my bestfriend and my lovely mom & sis who will always be with me and share everything you guys..

Friendship is love, 
Without friendship love means nothing
Without friendship love is empty…
Without friendship love is boring... 

Friendship means sharing…
People learn to share from friendship, 
Share everything they have in life, 

Friendship is like stars,
 Even though we always see them together
Always mean to be with each other…
But, Sometimes they argue.. 

Friendship is like flower, 
Soft but strong! 
Friendship is like sun, 
Bright and beautiful! 

Friendship….Is everything..

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